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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dare To Dream

Yesterday I ran 23 blocks because I was late for a meeting. My belt didn't do much good and my pants fell down often. I sweated like crazy under my back pack. People laughed at the lanky be-speckled white guy holding his pants and running desperately down the crowded street.

There are payphones on this side of town. So I stop and call Matt.

“Hey baby baby.” I say

I made it and dropped off my new books. They look good.

I left and walked west and lost track of the bus route. So I walked another 40 blocks to the Taco Bell. A little kid ran in the road and I dove to save him. Everyone clapped and they gave me a free crunch wrap.

I was going to take the 64 but the road was ripped up. So I walked again. It was another 20 blocks home. I stopped on the way and had a whisky seltzer at Kilimajaro, they were watching American Idol and cheering like crazy, which creeped the shit out of me.

I left and saw a crying girl by the gas station on Wisconsin. I comforted her because her husband left her. She was very sad about this.

I picked up trash on the bridge and found a lost dog. When I got home I called my girlfriend and told her all about it. She’s a model and lives in Canada so you don’t know her.

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