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Sunday, May 1, 2011

rainbow road

he was in a car crash and for months afterward whenever he drove on the interstate he imagined losing control again, the car flying out from underneath him, swaying into the centripetal force until the impact jams you out of it.  he drove to winsor and on the way it became night and on a long stretch between cities a new radio station caught on the receiver that played jazz under a hiss of interference.  the road was brand new and the white lines were perfect rectangles.  every overhead light was on.  there were sound barrier walls on either side of the road and beyond that, nothing.  "woh," he said.  it was entirely detached, like in a utopian sci-fi movie, like a ribbon unfurled in space (which is also a little like an ejaculation), like mario kart rainbow road.  he turned into a bend in the road, felt the gravity pull on him, sipped from a bottle of coca-cola.  two lanes over, a semi sighed.  coupled running lights pressed down the length of the road, stretching it further.  he accelerated.  the wheel hummed in his palms. shooooooooooooo

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