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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eulogy for Dan Oberbruner

Dan.  Wow.  Dan.

I don’t know how many of you knew Dan, but he was a human of the male gender and his name was Dan.

He was the child of a mother and father who together engaged in sexual reproduction.  He was birthed by his mother and after that, year by year, Dan became older.

There are things I will never forget about Dan.  I remember that I would see Dan and he would see me with his eyes, which were on his face.

Dan.  People used to call him Dan because it was his name and I remember that he would spell it starting with the letter, “D,” and always, always follow that with the letter, “A.” (You guys remember that).  More often than not, “N,” would come last.  And these, as everyone here who knew and loved Dan will remember, are the letters that spelled the word, “Dan.”

Dan has died as he lived, upon the planet Earth, pulled to its surface by the gravitational force of its mass.

His remains will presumably stay on this planet for the foreseeable future.

- From the "Shift Freedom is Dead" show