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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

my warehouse eyes

did you know that it was Bob Dylan's 70th birthday today?
did you know he used to have an XM radio show called "Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour," where each episode had really general themes like, "Trains," "Baseball," "Shoes," "Colors?"  It was great.  He would talk a lot between songs, but I didn't mind.  He's funny as hell.  You can listen to them on grooveshark.  My favorite part was that never, ever once did he ever acknowledge that he was Bob Dylan or that he had a musical career of any kind.  He would talk a lot about different musicians and their lives and never hint that they had met or played together.  He could have been anybody.  Ellen Barkin would do the introductions, little poems that were supposed to be like Edward Hopper paintings.  "It's night in the city.  A lone watchman drinks coffee from a thermos.  Steam hisses from a street vent.  A movie at the all night theater plays for an audience of one."  Something like that.  I wonder when it was that he started wearing his cowboy hat?
Other pop culture things that seem cool to me lately:
John McClane taking off his shoes
The 11th Doctor
When Alan Moore had Swamp Thing go to space
Tree's Lounge