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Friday, November 2, 2007

The Golden Age of TV

Too busy the rest of the week, so I just watched the new Office and Heroes back to back. Yes, I know it's a Friday night.

Both kicked ass big time. Good to see on Heroes that everybody is getting down. Sylar is digging on his "shiny new toy" Maya, Peter is getting pretty hot and heavy with what's her name from Cork, Hiro's sharing forbidden kisses in feudal Japan, and Claire's going with that dude that was in Election. Mohinder was even looking a little turned on by Nikki when she introduced herself as his new partner. Makes you wonder what the rest of the season has in store? I'd like to see Noah have some kind of extra-marital thing go with some sexy mutant, because he's too cool for his wife. Don't quote me, but I'm betting on Parkman and Micah's cousin Monica hooking up for next sweeps.

Heroes is a great show, but sometimes the dialogue sounds like it was written by five year olds. They should hire someone to just cut out every line that sounds like it belongs in the baloon of an old comic book.
Office was genius as usual. I like the demystifying of Jim that's happening this season. Before, he was just the one guy that was too cool for school and always got the joke that no one else did. This season, they're not afraid to make him look just as stupid as anyone else. His scene this week with Karen has to be the least comfortable and cool he's ever been on the show and his try at the Finer Things Club is definitely another example of him being on the same level as the other characters.

1 comment:

machONE said...

That kid that was in Election can suck my ass. Just looking at him on Heroes pisses me off.

And Jim sorta let me down with how lame he was about coming into first contact since the breakup. But that's why that show is awesome. It was so awkward.