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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Belated Darjeeling

I only just saw Darjeeling Limited today and what a fucking movie it was. Wes Anderson's best movie to date, I would say, and you better listen to what I fucking say because I co-author a blog. Holy shit, though, it was good, wasn't it? Anderson shrank down from the epic sweep of his last two movies and focuses almost exclusively on three characters, all of whom are incredibly rich and interesting characters. Its more real than any of his other films and also more compelling. A lot of great, literary touches like the Bill Murray prologue just make this movie kick ass. Best line of the movie: "Look at these assholes." Also symbolic of the whole movie, or life as a whole if you think about it. "Look at these assholes." Not in a negative way, but just in the way that we're all assholes and just fucking look at us.
Everything worked well and the story was so very unexpectedly told. This movie has my favorite performances ever from Owen Wilson (maybe ties with Dignan from Bottle Rocket) and Jason Schwartzman. Adrian Brody was no slouch either and Anjelica Huston was scary. I had to watch more than ten minutes of commercials at West Gate Art Cinema, which was lame and kind of brought down my high, but I enjoyed the hell out of myself at the movie and I left a double-decker afterwards to let them know how I felt.

1 comment:

machONE said...

Is that the only theater in madison showing the movie? I'm not sure if they let people like me into a place like that.