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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We're on Our Own Now

Where can George go?

Hopping past jalapeño fields

And through Virginia orchards

And begging through the big city,

And burying the harvest,

And crediting the meagerest,

And editing portfolios

And navigating the way

And eating crab

And fabricating hairy grabs

And snatching robin eggs

And becoming friendless

And growing mild

And going wild

And in Ames

And not I

And Hot

And is

And I




Denny liked to squeeze a couple of drops of lemon juice onto his tongue and let it sting his taste buds sour for a second before the aftertaste, a rich kind of sweetness he had never known, started to bleed in from underneath. Louis, his friend, thought he was crazy for drinking the stuff without the water and sugar to go with it, but as co-proprietor of the stand, Louis knew Denny had every right to take whatever depraved pleasures he liked out of their raw materials. After all, Louis wasn’t about to count the glasses of lemonade or the occasional spoonful of sugar he’d had against his own profits.

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