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Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Shall Be Released

A cyclone went through Bangladesh today and it killed around 1,100 people including probably some people you would have liked if you had met them. And then that same cyclone destroyed the home of these people in the picture, which sucks for them. If that butterfly effect is right, then the cyclone could have been started by the applause at a Pantera concert years ago.

The good news is that even with the tragic loss of these 1,100 Bangladeshis to the great unknown, we still gained a couple of hundred thousand people on earth today because of all the baby's that were born all over the green and blue world. In fact, some smart scientists say that the human population is growing at a rate of 1.167%. So people die and people get born and it is not necessarily a good thing, but that's what happens and there's nothing else.

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