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Sunday, November 4, 2007

!?!Five Things I learned this week!?!

Thing is Adrian Peterson beat the nfl rushing record. So any news or writing for the last
few days would have been overshadowed if done at all. Viking get to 3-5, next stop Super Bowl.

"Any Given Sunday is more than just the name of a bad movie."

BJ Novak performed at the at the improv, Mindy Kaling was a special guest along with other
comic super heroes. Watch the office. Read Creed Thoughts.

"The eyes are the groin of the head."

a lot of exciting things going on this week. honestly. honestly.

(special shout out to the miracle Green Bay Packer and Bryan Mach. Peterson is coming to town. Hold onto ya butts.)

1. Facebook has captured our minds and warped our hearts.
2. People age faster in Basco, Wisconsin.
3. There is no use in kidding your self.
4. Rimjobs are not for the faint of heart.
5. Who stole the kishka.


1. you can't eat only chips (despite what mitch says).
2. i was a nun in a former life.
3. the camera ads on 15 std's
4. two turds in a toliet, one jumped out.
5. Im nine years old (ex.#4)



machONE said...

Get more people to post on this site so I don't look at it 15 times a day for no conversation!

Sean said...

I'm working on it. evidently nobody likes us.