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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Love in The Time That Bothers Ya

I'm going to get this one just under the wire...or whatever the expression is. there are just a few things i have to say...

I'm not sure how people do this as long as they do, but i guess i don't really have a choice but to find out. I hope everyone is ok out there, because i can't be everywhere at once and because i don't have a car...i really can't be too many places at all.

Its savage and lonely to do what we do, people you know, its rough. I just hope that we're ok, you know. there are a lot of people who arent.

but its a new month. so...

Be real.
write poetry for someone you love.
pick flowers.
throw a football.
hum a tune.
and if needs be, end.

Murder By Death signed to Vagrant also. Red of Tooth and Claw comes out spring 2008.

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