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Friday, February 1, 2008

And How...

We are living in the wrong age.
Where music is weaker and drugs are more dangerous.
Where its hard to talk and easy to text.
Where money runs and problems come.
Where its hard to see the difference between football and politics.
Where that’s the way they like it.
Where reality Tv is an excuse for reality
And for entertainment.
Where people give a fuck about Tila Tequila.
Where people voted for George Bush.


We are living in the wrong world.
Where the soil is dying and no one gives a fuck.
Where health care robs us blind.
Where sickness is strong.
Where love is a dollar and a dime.
Where people would care
If they had enough time.
Where we watch the news and believe it.
But still don’t care.


It’s me,
I don’t care about these things
It’s easier.
I live in the wrong me.

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