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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Life on The Line 3

My brain feels like sour mash today, too much Crown and Coke, too much Red Stripe, too much everything. I’ve been attempting to write a lot of stuff today with very little luck.

That being said I have to work at 6 in the morning at my new job down the street. I’ll be stocking all the art supplies.

I never know when the Pro Bowl is but my guy AP took home the player of the game award. So lets give it up for that. If they find a quarterback they should be ready to roll.

Parker is coming to visit. Our collective assholishness will most likely be enough to re-ignite the California wildfires.

Honestly this is the best I can do for today, I know its pathetic. Not at pathetic as Charlie Bartlett, if you want to see a real piece of shit, pop that movie in.

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