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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Times like these

Why is my dad looking at Abe like that?

I literally haven’t done my laundry in a month now. And yes, when I say “literally” I am considering its implications. Amongst said laundry are a pair of wool socks that should never be worn in this climate, let alone five times in a row without washing.

It only costs ten dollars to fix a bike tire, a price that I greatly overestimated, explaining the bicycle with the flat tire in my living room. I should have looked into that a long time ago. I believe I received some brain damage in my sleep sometime.

Nights like these, which are all, when I don’t get any sleep, its too much caffeine and not enough booze, I am losing the gumption.

There is so much to watch and read on nights like these, more so with every one like this, too many minutes to waste, to watch, just like that.

But I read Shafer Hall while watching Matt Dillon as Bukowski and enjoy both, though reading and watching both before.

Then Rushmore and Reno 911

Then NYPD at four, then nothing, then my eyelids, then maybe there are fleas in the bed, then maybe nothing again, then me turning the tv back on and watching Reno.

I just got a text. It’s late, but not just for me.

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