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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

so damn thick you need a battering ram, sam

cars funny fast
dashed past the postmast disast
hallelujia, oh my darling clementine
come on my climbing
climb on my garage
barrage my favorite sea things
like air and teeny teeth
for brought sub dart
part with my ear to get a better
reading of kilometers per eighth of a negative kilometer
and I reckon that home is wear the harp is
I'll never get past that ribbon, so might as well
take it down: but it can't touch the ground
it is bright
it is Thursday
thank God
for the things I forget to be thankful for
for my capacity to outweigh all good
with one bad
for the flower order I canceled
for the flour at the bottom of the bread
for the bad poetry I read
that said "hallelujiah, wee willie winkie"
waste not, be not
eat not, see not
pee not, butter and jelly
christmas with kelly
lousy antipasto at the deli
calamity in thirds
singing's for the birds
killings for the past
worries are for the present
all of them are worth resent
dents pop and cuts clot
california, baby baby

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