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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Summertime Howl

While watching Bravo you are bound to see at least three Bravo ads every commercial break. I don’t get it. They’ve won. I’m already watching Bravo.

And she is screaming in the kitchen breaking some things.

I bought Miller 64 cause I thought I was getting fatter. I just drink twice as many.

“I need something from you!” she says and puts her head down on the counter.

Ramen is a good snack. I remember when it was ten cents a package, now it’s almost thirty. What a rip off.

She tears at her shirt “Can’t you see me bleed? Don’t you see anything? Don’t you care? If you want me gone, just say it.”

I don’t. If she could just sit and be quiet, we could watch Top Chef and everything would be fine.

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