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Sunday, January 6, 2008


Listen up Bartlebee, this isn’t really the time or place. I did a lot of things to finally rip out of the margins, or did I? Lets not be silly friend, you knew this was how it had to be…oh you didn’t, don’t act that way. It’s a party every day of the year, so your out of cash, it doesn’t matter. Just stop bitching and rob a bank you ninny.

It's not to say it couldn’t be better, things could always be better. It’s exactly this kind of reckless behavior that got us here in the first place, busted tire, busted lip, busted everything, were busted…please stop crying man, really your killing my buzz the way Phil Collins kills an erection…oh fuck you…he is a twat. He really is. Well I’m not going to argue with you about it either way. I have a bunch of things to do today and this wasn’t part of the plan… I’m not being insensitive…I’m not, at all. Just being honest.

Fine, be that way, just finish your coffee and lets get the hell out of here.

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