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Monday, January 28, 2008

Natural High

for them we sweet gentle people form new associates
and count blundered springs, buried, seven.
and then eggtown on the fourth isn't
akin to the havens of ages forgone and weighed in newtons.
to skin a loved one hasn't got the punch of a wedding flower,
but blood isn't thicker than ether or the drum fans.
caring to need to speak the forages to tell the minds
of masters of wars in action and fathom the leageus of treetops.
proteins have words, more words than people have got
so top that in your seventieth winter and see what it gets you.
america loves youth and youth loves high tension wires
that trespass on great oatmeal sacks for fun.
wherever when finds itself is when the gold false drops
too strange to keep and keeping is all that's worth more than gold.

this is a secret message: i love you.

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