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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i call you to stop from singing

i call you to stop from singing.
i call you and you come ringing.
i call you because I'm bored.
i call you and you bring the sword.

i call you and i can't uncall.
i call you and you call me tall.
i call you and the dog wakes up.
i call you and he ain't no pup.

i call you just to ask your name.
i call you and i call you again.
i call you and invite you to the boat.
i call you when I overdote.

i call you when i'm dead and burried.
i call you and joke that we should be married.
i call you from my indoor pool.
i call you because i'm a fool.

i call you long distance, from across the lake.
i call you and i'm a fake.
i call you alone without a phone.
i call you, and not just cuz I wanna bone.

i call you and say lovely things.
i call you and you say "not in the mornings."
i call you and call you or maybe I don't
i call you and call you to get the money i loaned.

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