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Friday, March 4, 2011

In "Sometimes" land

The misery of fast food, it’s an endless cycle. I’m depressed so I get Taco Bell and I end up feeling like shit. I wake the next day and eat some BBQ chips that have been sitting on top of the fridge. I decide: THIS IS NO WAY TO LIVE. So I make stir fry and chicken breast and spinach salads, I eat low fat cottage cheese and drink orange juice and eat yogurt. Then as I pass JJ’s Fish and Chips on the bus I imagine I am something else. I stare at the sign. I go in. I devour spare ribs and fried seafood. I dash from Burger King to Wendy’s to Sonic (with their new hotdogs) I drink a two liter of Fanta and Curly corn chips. I am unstoppable. unchangeable. I lose thirty pounds and gain rich, solid biceps. But then I’m back on the bus simply tolerating my own body. I go home, eat a banana and cry.

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