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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Line Out

“And I was in the UP working for the railroad. And this girl wanted me bad. Calling my hotel room. She got the number from the front desk, which has to be illegal.”

I nod because it probably is.

“Anyway, we go out. Have a great time. See some live music. Go back to the hotel, have a great night.”

He spits his dip in a V8 bottle. It’s almost full.

“And then I know it. She is texting me every fifteen minutes. And we get together again and while I’m in the bathroom she calls my wife and tells her about us.”

“Holy fuck.” I say.

“I spent most of the day explaining that one. I got five kids man. My wife understands some things like that.”

Then his wife calls and he answers.

Six Flags stands alone in the fog outside the bus window. The American Eagle and The Giant Drop are nightmare dinosaur carcasses suspended in the near bankrupt amusement park.

I think about five kids. This guy is twenty six years old. One year older than me. Five kids. Five human children.

I overhear him say “Sometimes people just need a little helping hand”

He hangs up.

“That is a crazy story” I say.

“Women are crazy man. But you know, life goes on.”

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