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Saturday, March 19, 2011

the coolest guy in the western hemisphere

i turned from the credits & the lobby
in perfect yellows & reds, the usher
boxed into the doorway at the end
of a hall
and they looked like another projection
on a smaller screen by a less subtle cinematographer

i left the theatre, recalibrating to this world
and it surprised me
the air was humid and delicious
i hadn't expected sunlight
& it was blue & gray
& the neon and the fumes & my half-open eyes
& it felt like visiting the big city when i was a kid,
like taking a trip to reality, like living in the movies

i took out my phone & stood in a dearskin jacket
& wondered if looked cool like javier bardem
by the curb & everyone was out
& a woman tapped on my shoulder
i had seen her in the lobby
she was wearing quilted blankets
& i took the phone from my ear & looked at her
"i need food.  do you know what that is?"
i wanted to hear the message.  i pinched 2 quarters
and drew them from my jeans change pocket
"that ain't food."

i saw her dustdrag the quilts
& i pressed 1 to replay the message
i called someone else & said i wanted to walk
but i sat on a bench & then a concrete block
saw a torn bag of drained liquor bottles
then it was night & i bought groceries

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