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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just Perfect.

“Are you there?” I ask and press the cold plastic to my bottom lip.


And I hardly know what to say. She usually just hung up on me. Not now though, we were together for a moment, in some way.

“I want to see you. I need to see you. Where are you?”

And she breathed steady little breaths into the phone.

“No, I can’t see you.”

“You can’t or you wont?” I ask.


And of course I want to convince her.

“I just want to see you. It won’t be like Nacho’s birthday, I promise.”

“You don’t know shit about promises. Don’t call me anymore. Or I’ll tell Ray and that’ll be it.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah” I say. She hangs up.

And I hang up too.

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