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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday Morning Dirt (Late Tuesday Edition)

Here we go. I’m headed to Chicago right now to kick it with some old friends. And after that I fly to Ft Lauderdale and after that I’m off to Colombia (after a 10 hour layover) and then (because I’m getting in late) I’ll be napping it out in the industrially charming Mecca that is Barrenquilla.

Sitting right next to the bathroom on the Greyhound bus. Hopefully nobody poops. I know everyone has to eventually but now now, please not now, not like this.

Wisconsin is fucking the sports world up this year. Thats for sure. Packers win the super bowl, Badger football in the Rose Bowl, Badger basketball and Marquette both in the Sweet 16 and as fucked up as it is, the Bucks could still make the playoffs, not like anyone cares, not like it would matter.

Tiki Barber is making a comeback. I predict he starts playing baseball as well. Together Tiki and Deon Sanders fly off to heaven.

It’s been a long couple months and I will miss hanging out with the dogs all day. I will miss Number 1 teriyaki. I will miss many other things. But there comes a time to take off the sweat pants and that time is now. I lifted weights and watched what I ate but it didn't last.

I start shooting Heavy Hands again in two months. Summer should be a hellavu time. A real humdinger. I am gonna eat the shit out of some meat on a stick in about 48 hours. Thats for sure.


So I wrote that last night. I ended up staying with my good pal Kristen in Chicago last night. We kept making jokes about how we were going to drink a bag or premixed margaritas, then we did.

I slept all the way to Florida and then I had a ten hour layover. I ended up taking a cab to some badass old movie theater I found by accident. It’s called the Gateway Theater. If you are ever in Ft. Lauderdale ( and I know you will be ) I suggest it.

Then I spent the next couple hours in a bar called Kim’s Alley bar.

I caught a cab back to the airport, ate some Sbarros and now I feel hung over and shitty. Go figure.

The NFL will start kicking off from the 35...So that’s something...

Alright. I’m gonna nap it out till my plane comes.


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