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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Please, I Need A Ride Out

I now regret dropping that acid.

It’s a steamer out and August hasn't been very good to me. Justin dropped by and gave me a couple hits wrapped in tin foil. I took them, went to the lake and the algae in the water was buzzing electric.

I went back to the house and Big Tom was there eating eggs and bacon out of the frying pan, sweating like a goddamn monster and I quick took a shower.

And closed my eyes, and for a second I was lost, folded peels, pushed inside themselves.

Then I forced my eyes open and gasped. I turned off the water and for a second I was alright again. But then I noticed the flies. They all had long trails so the hundred flies in the house looked like a trillion. Which was scary as shit so I ran out the front door.

Just then Newman pulled up and I jumped in his truck. We drove a few miles out of town which felt like the other side of the world. I drank savagely from the artesian well that sat on a long stretch of ghost house road.

I felt it there, the distance between farmers and their shadows.

“Do you want to go to a party?” Newman asked. I agreed and drank out of a bottle of Jack under the passenger seat.

It was a 3 PM on a Tuesday. Neither occurred to me.

And we drove to a pole shed on the big farm over looking highway H and I understood what was going on.

“What is this party for?” I ask.

“My aunts 50th birthday.”

I swear under my breath and we head in anyway.

First things first, his mom comes up and takes off my glasses and asks me if I’m one of Newman’s druggie friends.

“I don’t think so but my PO does” I say. She doesnt laugh but she tells us to get some food anyway. They have a great spread but I don’t want to eat anything.

I keep thinking I am seeing truths but I get distracted and figure I should get a plate, to look normal if nothing else.

I sit down with his grandparents and drunk uncle and look down at my plate. I pick up a chicken leg but the meat is squirming around on the bone so it takes me a second to bite into it.

I sigh with relief because I am being largely ignored. I lean back and light a cigarette. Three guys in kaki shorts and Hawaiian shirts play a cover of Freebird in the corner.

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