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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Frankie Latina Interview

Frankie! What’s up ma man? World Wide Dirt wants to ask you a few questions today. Things have changed; you have a good beard, you speak spanish, you are the T shirt baron of Colombia - tell me, first of all -

1. What is your favorite street food in Colombia? Why?

The veggies wraps, made by Nando outside of his nightclub La Escollera. The only vegetarian street food in this entire country, so he wins by default. Unless you count the falafel stand in the mall, which is kind of like a street inside of a building...

2. What do you miss most about Milwaukee?

Food-wise I miss Beans and Barley's, chili, and tempee ruben. Otherwise I miss parking tickets.

3. You said you saw the movie Somewhere lately. What’d you think?

Ohhh jeeze. I don't want to be rude to Sofia Coppola-- But if you give a director too much rope they will hang themselves. But I like the Helmut Newton references.

4. I saw you made some Alain Delon shirts, which rules. What attracts you to Delon as a branch of your own art?

I gravitate toward outsiders, underdogs and people that have no business being in the movies.

5. Colombian music seems loud, what suggestions do you have for reggeton musicians?

I actually have a new favorite reggetone song, that was introduced to me by Antonio von Hildebrand, the Director of Pablo's Hippos, called Fuego, by Bomba Estereo --everyone should listen to it. Otherwise reggetone is like any other genre and you have to pick your apples wisely from the tree.

6. There’s a shit-ton of people selling bootleg DVD’s, How often do they work?

They are pretty dependable, the last time I bought a bootleg dvd I was sorting through a stack with a police officer. I told her to buy Black Swan.

7. Modus Operandi has a pretty solid festival run going. Do you have plans to make another super 8 feature?

Yes, I am currently in the focused daydreaming stages of my next super 8 pilgrimage.

8. You meet Frankie Latina ten years ago. What do you tell him?

I wouldn't have told myself anything different. I made by bed so I have to lay in it. I don't have a delorean and I can't go back to the future - everything happens for a reason, and we should spend more time being thankful for the events that have taken place.


Ladies and gentlemen, Frankie Latina

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