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Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Morning Dirt

Oh sweet sassy it is Monday morning.

So it looks like the Vikings are trying to get Kyle Orton.

So that is the top of the order. We’ll bypass it for now so I don’t bore the shit out of everyone who doesn't play fantasy football.

I’m midway through The Kings Speech right now. I’m streaming it (illegally?) so I have to wait a half an hour to watch the rest. What a world!

I give it one thumb up (half way through). I’m also confident I will give it the other. This baby is cooking. Yowzas! This is the nerd-thesbian-english-shit-loving film of the decade. And I am serious.

And I know it won some awards but I missed the Oscars so I’ll leave it alone for this year.

I also watched 127 Hours today. Now, I have a hard time with bones breaking and shit in movies but this flick really put me in there with that dude (Franco). By the end I was jumping around in my pajamas screaming “C’mon man! Get rid of that arm.” (3:26 PM)

I was pumped. And it was brutal, this guy lived. And shit yeah.

So does anybody watch Sons Of Anarchy. Show of hands. OK, alot. Good show.

Funny story, I was watching the episode where Jackson finally finds Abel with happy parents at the airport and I thought Jacks would give him up. This made me really sad and I stopped watching the show, for weeks.

And then a while later I realized that Jacks actually found Abel. Problem is I must have missed that. I watch a lot of things as I fall asleep, so it’s possible. Oh happy day though! I just napped it out and the problem went away - just like real life.

This last week I have made sushi, pizza, and a really sweet pasta dish all in the privacy of my own home. I suggest cornmeal crust to anyone who wants to make pizza. It’s dope.

Lets see here.

Grocery Store Suggestions

Sriracha sauce. Not that expensive, goes for a long time.

Bag of Pretzels. Always on sale. Goes good with cheese and mustard. If you don’t have them on hand you’re basically losing out. Good for your own consumption, good for entertaining guests.

Box of pretzels. You can get a box of frozen soft pretzels w/salt for nothing. 25 pretzels for 7 and some change. Pretty decent.

5 Things I learned this week

1. Dogs love dog food.

2. I can’t even grow a beard.

3. If someone is older than you, chances are they’re cooler than you.

4. You can't party your life away, drink your life away, smoke your life away, fuck your life away, dream your life away, scheme your life away, cause your seeds grow up the same way.

5. The outside walls are pretty.

I also whipped up some shirts this week. Here’s some picks. You can order them here. I also did a write up about them and why I made them so blah blah blah blah blah. You can read that below.

I think I’m gonna go on a trip. I’ll tell you about it next weeks addition of Monday Morning Dirt.

Stay sassy,


Ps. I almost forgot about Orton. Kyle Orton, Kyle Orton. I have nothing to say. Goodnight everybody !!!!

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